YOGA THERAPY – Private Sessions

Yoga Therapy is a self empowering process, facilitated by the yoga therapist using various yoga tools that alleviate suffering in a non invasive and complimentary manner.
Many injuries are rooted in vigorous exercise or movement coupled with physical tension.  The yoga approach works on  many platforms both mentally and physically to ensure recovery is long lasting.  It can deal with various conditions from neck and back pain to stress related issues or an athlete looking to stay on top of their game or prepare for competition.

Siobhan has a history of competing in various sports as well as training in yoga therapy modules, this coupled with 16 years of teaching experience and a highly intuitive led approach leads to good results every time.   Classes can be booked at a time that is suited to the individual or group.  Siobhan regularly gives private sessions for pregnancy, children, stress related issues and to address injuries.


1 Person: 1 class = 45€
2 People: 1 class = 50€
Onsite Large Groups – Ring for Pricing.

Ring 0877714938 to make an appointment.