Classes Testimonials

People who have experienced this yoga programme have said things like:

“I really enjoyed the break – the retreat lived up to its name as I was fully restored and renewed for the new year. I really enjoyed the slower deeper practice and the space to focus fully on my breathing and reconnecting. Learning more about the neti pot and various healthfoods was an added bonus. It definately gave me the impetus and determination to implement small but powerfull changes in my everyday life.”
Siobhan O’Keeffe
“I found the breathing exercises very handy as during my last pregnancy my baby was breach and the gynaecologist had to turn the baby. I started doing my breathing exercises and he was able to turn the baby no problem. He was very impressed at how effective the breathing exercises were. It also helped with my labour.”
Marion Curtin, Air Traffic Controller/Age 30
“The class was really enjoyable; it was great to meet other pregnant women too. I feel totally relaxed after the classes. I hope the breathing exercises will help during the labour, if not, I will have learned to use breathing in everyday situations.”
Barbara Burke, Accounts Administrator/Age 28

“Enjoyed the classes, Siobhán always gave good benefits of postures relevant to pregnancy. I now have more understanding of breathing in yoga, as there was a great variety of breathing techniques used in the class.”

Sheila Ryan, Secondary Teacher/Age 28
“Long term benefits of the class has made me more aware of how shallow breathing has an effect on me and try to practise yogic breaths as a form of relaxation and distressing. Siobhán explains the benefits, and also increases your awareness of exactly what you are doing and why. Siobhán’s knowledge and love of yoga is obvious and comes through in her teaching.”
Sharon Keane, Customer Service Representative, QAD, Plassey Technological Park, Limerick

“Classes were very enjoyable, the highlight of the day”

Jean Bourke, IT Administrator, QAD, Plassey Technological Park, Limerickk
“Siobhán’s pregnancy yoga classes encouraged connection with the baby and gave me confidence in my body’s ability. The relaxation and breathing techniques were invaluable in labour, I used them almost every minute of every hour. Her enthusiasm, sincerity and mindfulness are inspiring.”
Clare Quinn